Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Launching the application Frekr for attendance management

Since last year we are developing the application Frekr, which is a modern replacement for classical, outdated and expensive attendance systems. Frekr will help you to monitor attendance of your employees at our outside the workplace. All the statistics you can view in real time via web browser.

You can try Frekr for free for up to 5 employees for unlimited time. If you are satisfied and have more employees you can upgrade to paid version anytime. Then you are paying per employee per month. Simply register and start now!

Frekr is easy to use and you will setup the application in few minutes. No need to buy additional software or hardware. Frekr is using modern technologies in your smartphone or tablet. You can monitor the attendance of employees in the office or outside the workplace (on the meeting with client, business trip, etc.). All the statistics can be used for another programs and applications (accounting or payroll programs).

Using is very simple and user friendly for employees and even the administrators. You only need a smartphone or tablet with camera and you can start right away!

You will place tablet or smartphone with application Frekr to the workplace, this device will be an access terminal. Every employee will use access card (NFC) or QR code to authenticate. Every employee can have access to web interface with their statistics.

Employees working outside the workplace can download application Frekr to their smartphone or tablet and pair it with their account. After that they can push In or Out through their own device and even with GPS location.

Application also provide a simple task assignement. Administrator or Manager has a complete view of employees' statistics with number of worked hours.

More information about application can be found on website

For authetication of employees on the terminal we are recommending to use NFC technology. NFC technology offers transfers among active NFC device (reader) and passive device (NFC tag). Most of the newest types of smartphones and tablets have built in NFC. You can order NFC tags directly from our application in your account.

We will gladly answer all of your questions about our application on email address We will also help you with choosing the right device and accessories. We will welcome your feedback and suggestions or comments.