Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New features - November 2015

We are trying to improve the application according to your demands and wishes. This week we have launched some important features!

We are often receiving questions about application for another operating systems than Android (mainly for iOS). We will be glad to fulfill all the wishes but for iOS we can't develop the application at the moment. The NFC technology even it is built in new devices from Apple isn't allowed to be used in the way we are using it in our application on Android. We only can develop an employee mobile application.

Right now, employees who want to use our mobile app on another systems (iOS, Windows, BlackBerry etc.) can use our Web App to push In or Out right from mobile web browser after loging into their account. The Administrator must allow the mobile application to the employee to start using it. The utilization is the same as in the mobile app, employee can also add GPS location.

Preview of the web app on a smartphone

Other employees can also use it in their computers to log in or out in or outside the workplace. In this case can be used GPS location too.

Preview of the web app on a computer

We added also possibility of payment via bank transfer (available only for Czech and Slovak companies). For the bank transfer apply the same rules, minimum payment is 100 CZK or 4 EUR. Important is to fill variable symbol so we can pair the payment to your account. After the amount is credited to our account credit will be increased in 30 minutes and you'll be able to download invoice. When you add credit for the first time your account will be transfered to paid account Standard and you are paying each month for every active employee during that month. 

Now you can deactivate the employee in case of need (termination of employment, interruption of employment - seasonal workers). You still have all the statistics about the employee in your account, he/she won't be fully deleted. But he/she cannot loging to their account, use QR code or NFC tag to log or use mobile app. Deactivation can be founded in the employee's account editation. You can activate the employee back when needed. 

Possibility to deactivate the employee

To the statistics we added possibility to download a report of all events also with GPS coordinates. You can download it to PDF eg. for control by the customer or boss. 

Export of all the events in the company

For those who are using the QR codes for employees authetication we improved the export and print for all employees together. This feature is in the section Admin-Employees. 

Possibility to export all QR codes to PDF

We are preparing more new features, if you would like to share with us your suggestions please contact us on the email address We will welcome your feedback!

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