Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NFC technology - what is it and how to use it?

NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is used for wireless communication between devices on a short distance (millimeters to centimeters). The NFC technology offers transfers between active NFC devices, but also transfers among active NFC device (reader) and passive device or NFC tag. The communication is similar to older RFID technoplogy.

NFC technology can be found in most of the new devices, even you maybe don't know about it. For us is this technology the simpliest and fastest way to log on the Terminal. All you need is a small sticker - NFC tag, which you can stick anywhere you want or a card with NFC. And for reading these a smartphone or tablet with built in NFC technology.

Where can I buy NFC tags or which cards has NFC in them?

No need to search NFC tags on internet, you can buy them directly from our application in the packages of 5 tags. The order form can be found in your account (section Admin-Payment) or through email contact

Most of the card which you use on everyday basis has NFC technology, eg. credit cards. But also other types of cards - public transportation cards, educational institutions cards, etc.

Which device is the best for using NFC technology?

Most of the new types of smartphones and tablets have NFC built in. But for now our application supports only Android 4.0+, unfortunatelly new iPhones and iPads have NFC but it is used different way we need for our terminals.

We are using Prestigio tablets (Prestigio MultiPad Color 7.0 3G and 8.0 3G) but unfortunatelly Prestigio doesn't support NFC in new series of tablets. But on the market are plenty of tablets which work as well - Samsung, Asus, HP etc.

Maybe you don't need a terminal as tablet, so you can choose from wide range of smartphones with NFC for affordable prices. For example LG G4c (H525n) or LG Leon LTE (H340n).

If you have some tablet or smartphone in mind we can help you with your decision. Just write us an email on

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