Monday, December 14, 2015

New features - December 2015

Christmas is coming and we worked hard to get you some new features as a an early gift. This time we were working mainly on the design of the whole web interface to be the most user-friendly. But we also added some news.

We know that some of your employees may not have an email address or you just simple don't want them to have access to their account. So we withdraw the necessity of adding employee with email address. Now you can add employee only by Name and Surname and he/she can use our application right away

New possibilities to add employee

Other new feature is also about employees. Most of the companies have departments and every department has their own manager. You can do that now in Frekr too. Firstly you will add Groups according to the departments in the section Admin-Groups. Then you can add employees to the groups directly and also in the account editation of each employee or while creating a new one. One employee can be present in more groups.

Creating groups and adding employees

You can assign a Manager to every group (employee with Role Manager), this manager can view all the statistics and employees for the particular group. One manager can be assign to more groups.

We hope these new features and also the new design will simplify using of our application. If you have more suggestions let us know on email address