Friday, October 7, 2016

New feature - October 2016

We were working on the new features little longer to make sure everything is working the right way. But now we gladly introduce you the main feature - adding time spent on tasks. If you didn't use our Tasks that much so far you would use them now!

With this feature came also update for the mobile app and terminals and it is available in the Google Play. If you don't have automatic updates turned on don't forget to update the app by yourself.

How you can add the time to tasks? 

Admins, Managers and Employees can still ad new tasks in the section My tasks, newly they can add events to the tasks (Start and End) directly on the web (if they have their account) or in the app (Mobile app or Terminal).

It is possible to add new task and start working on it directly in the app. To all tasks events you can now add comment (arriving to the meeting, which customer you are going to, which project you are working on etc.).

Managers and Admins can still assign tasks to employees and they can see the progress on the web in the section Tasks where they can find all the company's tasks in progress. They can also add or edit events or add comments to the tasks. All the time spent on the tasks can be exported in the statistics.

New task editing

Preview of all company's tasks in progress

Log in and Log out is still working so it is possible to Log in when entering the office (standard working hours are running) and during the day on the web or app add Start and End to the tasks as well. If somebody is working outside the office or doesn't have standard working hours (meetings with clients, monitoring stores, working on projects etc.) it is the best way how to manage their attendance.

Recently we added a possibility to submit comments to Log in as well as the options for Log out. Fpr example, an employee who comes to work late, there may indicate the reason of his delay.

Events only for tasks

Events selected task

In the mobile app, you now have the possibility to permanently switched on or off GPS location.

Setting GPS locations

How you can use these news in practice? Do you own a construction company? Are you involved in the organization of catering events or promotions? Do you need time to record drivers´ driving school training of different rides? Your employees are working on different construction sites and projects? 

Every buildings, events, ride, project can be a task to witch every employee can add unlimited number of events and comments. So you can always be up to date how the construction is going and monitor their work.

With this update came also changes in existing features and the app.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Demo account

You can try application Frekr for free for up to 5 users when you add your own employees and start testing in your company. To make it a bit easier for you we made a demo account. You don't have to add your employees for the first time but you can see how the application is working and you can use the data for testing.

After you finish the registration you will have 3 demo users with filled in data. You can see their activity in Events and export the statistics. You can use these demo users for your testing. When you won't need them anymore you can easily delete them.

Demo users

These users are counted to the total number of employees, so when you want to deploy the application in your company and add your employees, remember to delete them. These users will be deleted instantly, normal users are only deativated for you to keep their data in your statistics.

Events of demo users

In case of any question please contact us on chat or via email address (

Monday, June 20, 2016

June 2016: Frekr app Update

Everybody is waiting for new features in our app, so we decided to release at least a minor app update. This update is available in Google Play, if you don't have automatic updates on, please update to the latest version.

The biggest new feature is the possibility to add GPS location even on the Terminal. So if some company is using a portable terminal it is possible to add GPS for all employees using the terminal.

Possibility to add GPS location on Terminal

Together with this feature were also added several less visible fixes and enhancements for better use of the application (e.g. possibility to sync all the data in Settings). We will soon inform you about new features, that we are working on. The long-awaited possibility to track time for Tasks (new type of events).

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Monitoring Employee Attendance and Law

Majority of state labor laws contains mandatory records of attendance management for employers. That is why employers buy expensive and bit oldfashioned attendance systems with physical terminals which needs to be connected into corporate network (or servers). Or they are using classical attendance book which needs to be controled and from which are created documents for payroll. It obviously can be more simple and less expensive. With our application have employers and employees less administration work and they fulfill the obligation by law.

Attendance system Frekr has several advantages. The employer always sees present workers in real time from any device. The devices can operate offline and events are then re-loaded when connected to the Internet. Device doesn't need to be connected to the corporate network or on a corporate server, all data is stored in the cloud. Initial costs are minimal, only for the purchase of terminal (smartphone or tablet). Then pay for monthly use of services (support and updates are included).

All the statistics can be downloaded any time in different formats (.pdf, .xls, .csv), which can be handed to accounting and personnel department for import to payroll programs and systems.

Employees can have an access to their account and check their data anytime. They will create the access when they are added to company with email address. Every employee sees only his/hers events and data.

Accounting and personnel departments can have special access to web interface (Role-Manager). They will have access to all company's events (or events of particular group) and export the statistics by themselves. 

If you are interested in our application, we recommend to try the app (it is free for up to 5 employees), or ask us anything on email address

Monday, May 9, 2016

Use case - driving schools

Today we would like to continue in our series about using modern attendance system in different business fields. This use case is targeted to driving schools.

Using of classical attendance terminals is nonsense for driving schools, mostly they are not portable and need to be connected by wire. That is why modern attendance system could be the ideal solution. It is possible to monitor attendance of lectors and even the students. They can also view their progress on web and lectors can assign tasks for them.

Tasks in web application

You only need to register your company on our website and then add your employees and students and you can start using it right away! If you want students and lectors to have access to their account you should add them using email address. They will only see their statistics and tasks (Role-Employee).

To monitor the attendance we are recommending to place a Terminal (smartphone or tablet with OS Android 4.0+) to every learning car (or class room for teoretical classes). Fo authetization on the Terminal students and employees can use QR codes or NFC tags/cards (device should support NFC technology). When logging out student or lector can add any text, so they can write down the progress.

When logging in lector can see last events of the students so he can catch up where they ended. He can view the Tasks too and question the student.

Tasks and Events on the Terminal

If you will use the application also for students, we are recommending to add lectors with a Role-Manager (employee with this role has access to all company statistics and can add tasks to other employees). Role change can be found in the employee's account too. You can divide students to different groups, each group can have one or more managers, who will have access only to the particular group data. Lector can also add tasks to the students.

Groups settings

For evidence of employees and students you could also use Custom fields. In the Company settings can be set up custom fields with information you need to have in the employee's account (e.g. phone number, course type, number of lessons, etc.).

Custom fields settings

When student finishs the course you can easily deactivate them. All the data will remain in your statistics, but students won't have access to their account anymore (when using email address) and the connection with QR code or NFC tag will end. It is not necessary to add students with email address, you can only print their statistics in pdf if needed.

Wait for the next post with new use case scenario!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

New features - March 2016

We have been working on some new features since the beginning of the New year and now after Easters is the best time to publish them! We have also released a new version of the application so if you have automatic updates disabled please update the application by yourself from Google Play.

We added a new section Company settings where you can fill or change your billing information as before. But you can also change o name of your company account or add a phone to the administrator in case we will need it to assist you with some problem. Here comes a new feature, in this section you can set Custom fields which will be shown in employees accounts. So you can add any other information you need about employees (phone number, employee's ID, date of birth etc.).

Company settings

To this new feature is connected new type of statistics export to personnel management system PAMICA. If you are using this system you should firstly add Custom Field-Type: Employee ID PAMICA. Employee ID in your system is important for smooth import of attendance to the system. Before you will export the data from our application make sure you had filled all the employees IDs.

Data export for PAMICA system

Now you can print QR codes for your employees in better format and employees have possibility to save permanent link to QR code in their smartphones. So they don't need to have the card with QR code always with them. Just scan the QR code directly from their phone.

QR code export from employee's account

When you are changing or adding events you can newly change also the Reason to logout. The postscript "(fixed)" will remain so you know that it was changed.

Events fix

The most important part of this update is a change in application. You might not see it at the first time but we added a tab Events on both Terminal and Mobile app. So now when employee log in he/she can view their last Events as well as their Tasks.

Last events preview on the Terminal

We are still working on new features according to your needs and suggestions. If you have any, contact us on

Monday, February 15, 2016

Use case - educational institutions

We would like to inform you about possible use cases in different industries (even specific ones). In this post we will introduce you using of our application in education centres - language schools, training centers etc.

Most of the language schools or training centers have employees who are working directly at the customer's workplace/home. That is why these institutions can't you classical physical terminals for monitoring attendance. But using our mobile application your teachers, lectors, trainer can log in and out on their own smarphones or tablets.

You only register your company on our website and you can start right away. You will add your employees (even the external ones) and allow Mobile application in their accounts. Each employee will download our app from Google Play and after pairing the app with the account they can start logging in and out even with GPS coordinations.

Preview of employee's mobile app

If your employees don't have a device with Android system, they can log in and out on web application directly from mobile web browser after signing in to their account. In this case you need to add the employee with email address so they can sign in to their account. And you have to allow mobile app in their account.

Using web application on the phone

The main advantage is that the employee can log GPS location to each In and Out event. You can monitor the GPS location of each employee and even send pdf preview with GPS coordinations to a customer for controlling. Employee can also add a text (e.g. name of the customer) when logging out.

Educational centers have also their own offices or class rooms for trainings, lessons, seminars etc. In this case is possible to use application also for customers (students) to log in and out on the lessons. You only need smartphone or tablet which will represent a Terminal and can be portable between classes.  This can simplify your attendance administration of your customers.

When the customer end the course you can deactivate him/her but all the statistics and data will remain. All the statistics can be downloaded in pdf, xsl and csv.

Placing the terminal in the classroom

We will continue with use case articles so you can see that our application is the right solution also for your company!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Difference between modern attendance system and classical outdated system

If you can't decide which type of attedance system is best for your company, let us help you with that decision. When you want classical type of attendance system with physical terminal you would need to purchase special hardware solution, software and licenses for all employees, smart cards and other necessities. You would also have to wait for a technician to deploy the solution and for trainning. On the other hand with modern attendance system you need only access to internet, smartphone or tablet and you can start right away!

Interested in other differences between classical and modern attendance systems?

  1. You can try the full version of application Frekr for up to 5 employees for free. You only need a smartphone or tablet. Generally you can't do that with classical systems, you can only try the software or see what types of statistics you can get, but not the complete solution.
  2. Software which you buy as a part of the whole attendance system is sometimes complicated to manage and has a lot functions you might not need. With our application you don't need any additional software only an access to internet and our web interface. You can manage everything from everywhere (mobile, computer, tablet). You also don't need to update to new versions we will update everything for you and let you know about it. 
  3. Most of the classical attendance systems is connected to a physical terminal. So when your employees are working also outside the office (have meetings with clients, business trips etc.) you don't have any records of them. Our application can be installed also as a employee mobile app to log in and out using GPS location anytime from employee's own device.
  4. What if the classical terminal stops working? You have to call a technician and sometimes it an't be repaired immediately. We are providing online or phone support as soon as we get your support request. Because our application is online we don't have to be physically on your workplace to solve the issue.
  5. But main reason to choose modern attendance system are finances. The whole classical solution is very costly, the terminals are the most expensive part. But you need software, licenses, cards, support etc. It is a big investment. But what if you find out after a month, a year  that this solution isn't the right for your company? What you will do with all the purchased products? Modern attendance system is a prepaid service. You are paying every month according to number of active users, so when you decide to stop using the application you won't have any sunk costs. Only investment is a smartphone or tablet as a terminal but the prices are lower and you can use that device in your company even when you stop using the application.