Thursday, January 7, 2016

Difference between modern attendance system and classical outdated system

If you can't decide which type of attedance system is best for your company, let us help you with that decision. When you want classical type of attendance system with physical terminal you would need to purchase special hardware solution, software and licenses for all employees, smart cards and other necessities. You would also have to wait for a technician to deploy the solution and for trainning. On the other hand with modern attendance system you need only access to internet, smartphone or tablet and you can start right away!

Interested in other differences between classical and modern attendance systems?

  1. You can try the full version of application Frekr for up to 5 employees for free. You only need a smartphone or tablet. Generally you can't do that with classical systems, you can only try the software or see what types of statistics you can get, but not the complete solution.
  2. Software which you buy as a part of the whole attendance system is sometimes complicated to manage and has a lot functions you might not need. With our application you don't need any additional software only an access to internet and our web interface. You can manage everything from everywhere (mobile, computer, tablet). You also don't need to update to new versions we will update everything for you and let you know about it. 
  3. Most of the classical attendance systems is connected to a physical terminal. So when your employees are working also outside the office (have meetings with clients, business trips etc.) you don't have any records of them. Our application can be installed also as a employee mobile app to log in and out using GPS location anytime from employee's own device.
  4. What if the classical terminal stops working? You have to call a technician and sometimes it an't be repaired immediately. We are providing online or phone support as soon as we get your support request. Because our application is online we don't have to be physically on your workplace to solve the issue.
  5. But main reason to choose modern attendance system are finances. The whole classical solution is very costly, the terminals are the most expensive part. But you need software, licenses, cards, support etc. It is a big investment. But what if you find out after a month, a year  that this solution isn't the right for your company? What you will do with all the purchased products? Modern attendance system is a prepaid service. You are paying every month according to number of active users, so when you decide to stop using the application you won't have any sunk costs. Only investment is a smartphone or tablet as a terminal but the prices are lower and you can use that device in your company even when you stop using the application.