Monday, February 15, 2016

Use case - educational institutions

We would like to inform you about possible use cases in different industries (even specific ones). In this post we will introduce you using of our application in education centres - language schools, training centers etc.

Most of the language schools or training centers have employees who are working directly at the customer's workplace/home. That is why these institutions can't you classical physical terminals for monitoring attendance. But using our mobile application your teachers, lectors, trainer can log in and out on their own smarphones or tablets.

You only register your company on our website and you can start right away. You will add your employees (even the external ones) and allow Mobile application in their accounts. Each employee will download our app from Google Play and after pairing the app with the account they can start logging in and out even with GPS coordinations.

Preview of employee's mobile app

If your employees don't have a device with Android system, they can log in and out on web application directly from mobile web browser after signing in to their account. In this case you need to add the employee with email address so they can sign in to their account. And you have to allow mobile app in their account.

Using web application on the phone

The main advantage is that the employee can log GPS location to each In and Out event. You can monitor the GPS location of each employee and even send pdf preview with GPS coordinations to a customer for controlling. Employee can also add a text (e.g. name of the customer) when logging out.

Educational centers have also their own offices or class rooms for trainings, lessons, seminars etc. In this case is possible to use application also for customers (students) to log in and out on the lessons. You only need smartphone or tablet which will represent a Terminal and can be portable between classes.  This can simplify your attendance administration of your customers.

When the customer end the course you can deactivate him/her but all the statistics and data will remain. All the statistics can be downloaded in pdf, xsl and csv.

Placing the terminal in the classroom

We will continue with use case articles so you can see that our application is the right solution also for your company!