Thursday, March 31, 2016

New features - March 2016

We have been working on some new features since the beginning of the New year and now after Easters is the best time to publish them! We have also released a new version of the application so if you have automatic updates disabled please update the application by yourself from Google Play.

We added a new section Company settings where you can fill or change your billing information as before. But you can also change o name of your company account or add a phone to the administrator in case we will need it to assist you with some problem. Here comes a new feature, in this section you can set Custom fields which will be shown in employees accounts. So you can add any other information you need about employees (phone number, employee's ID, date of birth etc.).

Company settings

To this new feature is connected new type of statistics export to personnel management system PAMICA. If you are using this system you should firstly add Custom Field-Type: Employee ID PAMICA. Employee ID in your system is important for smooth import of attendance to the system. Before you will export the data from our application make sure you had filled all the employees IDs.

Data export for PAMICA system

Now you can print QR codes for your employees in better format and employees have possibility to save permanent link to QR code in their smartphones. So they don't need to have the card with QR code always with them. Just scan the QR code directly from their phone.

QR code export from employee's account

When you are changing or adding events you can newly change also the Reason to logout. The postscript "(fixed)" will remain so you know that it was changed.

Events fix

The most important part of this update is a change in application. You might not see it at the first time but we added a tab Events on both Terminal and Mobile app. So now when employee log in he/she can view their last Events as well as their Tasks.

Last events preview on the Terminal

We are still working on new features according to your needs and suggestions. If you have any, contact us on