Monday, May 9, 2016

Use case - driving schools

Today we would like to continue in our series about using modern attendance system in different business fields. This use case is targeted to driving schools.

Using of classical attendance terminals is nonsense for driving schools, mostly they are not portable and need to be connected by wire. That is why modern attendance system could be the ideal solution. It is possible to monitor attendance of lectors and even the students. They can also view their progress on web and lectors can assign tasks for them.

Tasks in web application

You only need to register your company on our website and then add your employees and students and you can start using it right away! If you want students and lectors to have access to their account you should add them using email address. They will only see their statistics and tasks (Role-Employee).

To monitor the attendance we are recommending to place a Terminal (smartphone or tablet with OS Android 4.0+) to every learning car (or class room for teoretical classes). Fo authetization on the Terminal students and employees can use QR codes or NFC tags/cards (device should support NFC technology). When logging out student or lector can add any text, so they can write down the progress.

When logging in lector can see last events of the students so he can catch up where they ended. He can view the Tasks too and question the student.

Tasks and Events on the Terminal

If you will use the application also for students, we are recommending to add lectors with a Role-Manager (employee with this role has access to all company statistics and can add tasks to other employees). Role change can be found in the employee's account too. You can divide students to different groups, each group can have one or more managers, who will have access only to the particular group data. Lector can also add tasks to the students.

Groups settings

For evidence of employees and students you could also use Custom fields. In the Company settings can be set up custom fields with information you need to have in the employee's account (e.g. phone number, course type, number of lessons, etc.).

Custom fields settings

When student finishs the course you can easily deactivate them. All the data will remain in your statistics, but students won't have access to their account anymore (when using email address) and the connection with QR code or NFC tag will end. It is not necessary to add students with email address, you can only print their statistics in pdf if needed.

Wait for the next post with new use case scenario!


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