Monday, June 20, 2016

June 2016: Frekr app Update

Everybody is waiting for new features in our app, so we decided to release at least a minor app update. This update is available in Google Play, if you don't have automatic updates on, please update to the latest version.

The biggest new feature is the possibility to add GPS location even on the Terminal. So if some company is using a portable terminal it is possible to add GPS for all employees using the terminal.

Possibility to add GPS location on Terminal

Together with this feature were also added several less visible fixes and enhancements for better use of the application (e.g. possibility to sync all the data in Settings). We will soon inform you about new features, that we are working on. The long-awaited possibility to track time for Tasks (new type of events).

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Monitoring Employee Attendance and Law

Majority of state labor laws contains mandatory records of attendance management for employers. That is why employers buy expensive and bit oldfashioned attendance systems with physical terminals which needs to be connected into corporate network (or servers). Or they are using classical attendance book which needs to be controled and from which are created documents for payroll. It obviously can be more simple and less expensive. With our application have employers and employees less administration work and they fulfill the obligation by law.

Attendance system Frekr has several advantages. The employer always sees present workers in real time from any device. The devices can operate offline and events are then re-loaded when connected to the Internet. Device doesn't need to be connected to the corporate network or on a corporate server, all data is stored in the cloud. Initial costs are minimal, only for the purchase of terminal (smartphone or tablet). Then pay for monthly use of services (support and updates are included).

All the statistics can be downloaded any time in different formats (.pdf, .xls, .csv), which can be handed to accounting and personnel department for import to payroll programs and systems.

Employees can have an access to their account and check their data anytime. They will create the access when they are added to company with email address. Every employee sees only his/hers events and data.

Accounting and personnel departments can have special access to web interface (Role-Manager). They will have access to all company's events (or events of particular group) and export the statistics by themselves. 

If you are interested in our application, we recommend to try the app (it is free for up to 5 employees), or ask us anything on email address