Friday, July 29, 2016

Demo account

You can try application Frekr for free for up to 5 users when you add your own employees and start testing in your company. To make it a bit easier for you we made a demo account. You don't have to add your employees for the first time but you can see how the application is working and you can use the data for testing.

After you finish the registration you will have 3 demo users with filled in data. You can see their activity in Events and export the statistics. You can use these demo users for your testing. When you won't need them anymore you can easily delete them.

Demo users

These users are counted to the total number of employees, so when you want to deploy the application in your company and add your employees, remember to delete them. These users will be deleted instantly, normal users are only deativated for you to keep their data in your statistics.

Events of demo users

In case of any question please contact us on chat or via email address (