Friday, October 7, 2016

New feature - October 2016

We were working on the new features little longer to make sure everything is working the right way. But now we gladly introduce you the main feature - adding time spent on tasks. If you didn't use our Tasks that much so far you would use them now!

With this feature came also update for the mobile app and terminals and it is available in the Google Play. If you don't have automatic updates turned on don't forget to update the app by yourself.

How you can add the time to tasks? 

Admins, Managers and Employees can still ad new tasks in the section My tasks, newly they can add events to the tasks (Start and End) directly on the web (if they have their account) or in the app (Mobile app or Terminal).

It is possible to add new task and start working on it directly in the app. To all tasks events you can now add comment (arriving to the meeting, which customer you are going to, which project you are working on etc.).

Managers and Admins can still assign tasks to employees and they can see the progress on the web in the section Tasks where they can find all the company's tasks in progress. They can also add or edit events or add comments to the tasks. All the time spent on the tasks can be exported in the statistics.

New task editing

Preview of all company's tasks in progress

Log in and Log out is still working so it is possible to Log in when entering the office (standard working hours are running) and during the day on the web or app add Start and End to the tasks as well. If somebody is working outside the office or doesn't have standard working hours (meetings with clients, monitoring stores, working on projects etc.) it is the best way how to manage their attendance.

Recently we added a possibility to submit comments to Log in as well as the options for Log out. Fpr example, an employee who comes to work late, there may indicate the reason of his delay.

Events only for tasks

Events selected task

In the mobile app, you now have the possibility to permanently switched on or off GPS location.

Setting GPS locations

How you can use these news in practice? Do you own a construction company? Are you involved in the organization of catering events or promotions? Do you need time to record drivers´ driving school training of different rides? Your employees are working on different construction sites and projects? 

Every buildings, events, ride, project can be a task to witch every employee can add unlimited number of events and comments. So you can always be up to date how the construction is going and monitor their work.

With this update came also changes in existing features and the app.