Thursday, July 18, 2019

Automatic attendance on Frekr app

In the last version of Frekr app for android (1.12.7) a new automatic attendance functionality was added. The function monitors location of the phone and when it moves to/from saved workplace location, it adds appropriate attendance event.
First turn automatic attendance on in the app settings. Detailed automatic attendance settings will appear.

When the current position loads, press "+" and enter the workplace title. Doing this, the current position will be added to the list of workplaces (radius is around 100-500 meters, depending on accuracy of your location).

Now (if you didn't move too far from the position) a new automatic attendance will be added in the next few minutes. Frequency of the checks depends on several factors including battery status or power saving mode. If you want the functionality to work reliably, make sure that your battery isn't low or that power saving mode isn't on.
By pressing the location icon you can also display the position on a map, pressing the trashcan icon will remove the workplace.

If you do not want the automatically added attendance, you can press the button on the notification "delete and temporarily disable" (though the attendance is only removable for 10 minutes, after that it will become permanent).

The attendance can also be removed from the application in the attendance list. The temporary disabling of automatic attendance can be changed in automatic attendance settings, it lasts 10 hours or until a login/logout is manually added.

If you do not want the attendance to be added automatically, you can turn on the "only notify" setting and when you enter/leave the workplace the notification will only inform you. It will also contain a button so that you can easily add the attendance without opening the app.


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